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UTB's 100 Greatest Things About Wawa


This goes out to all the homies who said we should be more like BuzzFeed. Yeah, ONE HUNDRED.

  1. The Gobbler, their Thanksgiving shuffle button of a sandwich.
  2. The music played over the speakers, from Stevie Wonder to Hall & Oates, is always perfect.
  3. Open 24/7.
  4. Their two convenient locations (one near Huntsman, one near VP.)
  5. Hazelnut Coffee.
  6. French Vanilla Coffee.
  7. Packages of single condoms.
  8. Those cash registers where the coins pop out the side.
  9. Onomatopoeic name emphasises the primal need for Wawa experienced by infants.
  10. Mac N' Cheese.
  11. Touch screen machines where you can order without talking to a human.
  12. No-surcharge ATMs.
  13. Straws wrapped in paper for cleanliness.
  14. All you can eat ketchup/mustard/salt/pepper.
  15. The month of $1 coffee (January, but currently extended until 2/8!)
  16. The Wawa Facebook page, where the comments are all gold.
  17. The oatmeal.
  18. Kona Blend coffee.
  19. Individually wrapped pickles.
  20. The adorable small old man Italian cashier.
  21. That jazzy soda dispenser.
  22. Festive holiday doughnuts.
  23. "Frealz," the milkshake machine.
  24. 2 for $2.50 diet coke.
  25. Chicken tender hoagies.
  26. The public toilets in the renovated Wawa.
  27. Two-packs of boiled eggs.
  28. The iced coffee/high fructose corn syrup blend
  29. The surprising amount of healthy options – carrots and celery, ya dig?
  30. The caprese sandwich.
  31. The tiny little cannolis with pre-packaged cannoli cream.
  32. Mayonnaise.
  33. Those pretzels at the cash register that cost 80 cents.
  34. Blunt wrappers.
  35. Waiting for food next to people you hooked up with the night before.
  36. The section where they sell single slices of candy-themed ice cream pie.
  37. The assortment of people you'll run into there on any given day, but especially on the weekends.
  38. The feeling of accomplishment you feel when you hear a staff member say, ‘I’ve never seen that before!’
  39. The glow you get when a certain staff member recognizes you.
  40. The Penn Police that frequent Wawa know everyone in there is drunk, and they couldn't care less.
  41. How there are two candy aisles 10 feet away from each other.
  42. The fact that they sell Kool-Aid.
  43. Their current V-Day display, because if there's one thing we'd want our lover to get us, it's a heart-shaped Reese's from Wawa.
  44. The bananas.
  45. You're never not in the mood for Wawa.
  46. Cheddar cheese stuffed pretzels.
  47.  The fact that you can get "a little bit" of a condiment on your hoagie.
  48. It has all the food you could ever want, whether sober or intoxicated.
  49. Its "grocery" aisle.
  50. How the cashiers are not fazed by ANYTHING, nor do they take any bullshit.
  51. It epitomizes Philly.
  52. They sponsor the fourth of July as if they literally own America.
  53. The lemonade iced tea.
  54. This truck being perpetually parked on 38th at Spruce.
  55. Almost being killed/actually have been seriously injured crossing Spruce/38th by people turning.
  56. They sell soup and tea for when you’re sick, and red cups for when you’re well again.
  57. Wow, the coffee is so much cheaper than HubBub.
  58. Beef Jerky.
  59. Running into every freshman you know at 2am (Love the quad lyfe <3333).
  60. When the f'real cups get stuck in the milkshake machine and you have to get an employee to help you out.
  61. You can get chicken strips mixed into your mac n' cheese. They’ll do it for you so you don’t have to deal with the shame of doing it yourself.
  62. Grapes and cheese.
  63. They proudly sell copies of every possible Philly paper but you CANNOT get the New York Times there. Suck it, LAMESTREAM LIBERALS.
  64. (Soggy) Quesadillas.
  65. How are Wawa cheesesteaks? They’re probably ok, right?
  66. The fake espresso drinks.
  67. Pumpkin spice season applies to Wawa just as much as bourgois retailers.
  68. Fresh-baked hoagie rolls.
  69. The option to buy a day old hoagie roll by itself (for like 25 cents?).
  70. Reliving your childhood with String Cheese.
  71. The apples with caramel dip.
  72. They have bagels with cream cheese and cucumber and tomato.
  73. When you turn 18 in the fall of freshman year, it is the place to go buy a lotto ticket and cigar.
  74. Their color scheme is basically brown red and yellow and somehow it works.
  75. They sell ice in large bags labelled ICE in a large freezer labelled ICE.
  76. Using a credit card to buy a $1 snack– they couldn't care less.
  77. On the 4th of July they give away Wawa hats.
  78. The entire shelf of artisanal nuts and dried fruits,
  79. In the ‘60s their ad slogan was “Mama, I want my Wawa.”
  80. On that note, have you seen all the great vintage Wawa commercials on YouTube?
  81. Hot fries.
  82. The sales on gum.
  83. They sell pet food.
  84. You can just kind of stand around and nobody yells at you.
  85. 44 oz fountain drinks for like $1.60.
  86. Slushees.
  87. It's the best place to force a conversation with someone while you’re both waiting for your sammies.
  88. The donuts have the calories listed in really small font so you can choose to ignore them.
  89. The randomly large assortment of granola / protein bars.
  90. The hot dogs.
  91. The fact that you can get always go get matches for free.
  92. You can swipe your card at any point in the transaction instead of waiting until the end like a scrub.
  93. The chicken caesar wraps.
  94. The fact that the cold sandwich station in the middle of the Wawa on 38th and Spruce makes it easy to avoid people when they come in.
  95. The fact that all the fruit and yogurt combos use bizarre, unorthodox fruit (apples or mango??).
  96. They always have donation boxes out at the registers in support of various charitable causes.
  97. BBQ chicken hoagie.
  98. The fact that you can add bacon, pepperoni, or BOTH to the BBQ chicken hoagie with the click of a single button.
  99. Actually, the fact that adding toppings to anything only takes pressing a single button.
  100. How they don’t tell you what price your sandwich is until you pay for it so you’re forced not to be cheap and to listen to your heart.