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Innovative! Unconnected Freshman Checks Snap Map for Tonight's Moves


Photo by verkeorg / CC BY-SA 2.0

Priscilla Wang (W ’22), or "the ultimate plug" as she's referred to by her friends, always pulls through with the moves. Even though she barely speaks to anyone besides her hall-mates, she always knows when and where jungle juice is going down the hatch. Wang's secret to becoming the omniscient party-God she's been known as since the toga party post-game plans fell through? Snap Map.

It's a typical Friday night in the Quad. “Pris, do you know of any moves on campus right now?” Wang's suitemate Celine asked as she pops her head into Priscilla’s room. Wang looks to her phone and immediately rattles off a list of fraternities that seem to be popping — according to her 167 friends on Snapchat that is. "Thank god my NSO friends haven't figured out how to use ghost mode yet," Wang said with a sigh of relief.  

Now, she and her friends have had the pleasure of standing uncomfortably close to a couple viciously making out in a sweaty frat basement every Thursday through Saturday since August. Lucky!

Occasionally, Wang's strategy has landed her and her friends elsewhere. "One time we accidentally showed up to an orgy — didn’t know so many of my friends on Snap rolled that way,” she shared. “It was still a good time, though.” 

Fearing she may be criticized for her stalker-like tendencies, the Wharton freshman had one last thing to share with UTB: “Don’t think I’m weird — I’m going into tech. This is research.”