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Impressed Penn Tour Group Literally Blown Away By High-Rise Wind Tunnel


Photo by Austin Murphy / CC BY-SA 3.0

At around 1pm this past Wednesday, a fifteen-person Penn tour group was propelled into midair while being lead through the violent high-rise wind tunnel. 

“The tour was going quite well — I was getting a lot of good questions from the group and they seemed really impressed — but then a massive gust of wind blew them into the air,” shared tour guide Alberta Simms (E’19).

Surprisingly, the rare occurrence received rave reviews from those involved, even warranting an expected uptick in the number of regular decision round applicants due early January, according to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. 

After the atypical event, President Amy Gutmann delivered a message to the group: “I joined Penn’s administrative team because I knew I would be elevated in all kinds of ways by this incredible institution. And you all just experienced the heights for which Penn strives daily. We want your children’s minds to reach unimaginable levels,” Gutmann shared with parents, who nodded in agreement, “as well as their bank accounts!” 

Prospective early applicant Josh Holt, who was also on the tour, shared with UTB: “This’ll definitely stand out in my Penn application, right?” He added, “Also, what was your ACT score?"