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Justice for All: Frats on Campus Collectively Denounce Wharton China Business Society Amid Hazing Ban


Photo by Clinton Steeds / CC BY 2.0

In a shocking turn of events at Penn this week, Wharton China Business Society (WCBS) has been banned for hazing its new recruits, a practice strictly prohibited by the University.

In response to the news, Penn’s Interfraternity Council members, representatives from fraternities across campus, released a joint statement denouncing WCBS’s blatant disregard for students’ mental and physical wellbeing.

"As fraternities, we live by the mantra of 'don't fuck your brother,'" IFC member and Wharton junior Whitney Joseph said. "WCBS continuously fucked their brothers, and we just couldn't stand for it."

“Sickening is the only word I believe adequately describes these events,” IFC representative Joseph Stommer (C ’20) shared. “When I heard the news, no joke, I almost vomited out of such disgust,” the frat brother remarked as he walked down Locust, where his frat pledges staunchly avoided eye contact with him after being made to eat each other's puke the night before.

“Justice has been served,” IFC senior Alec De Medici (W ’19) remarked. “Thank God the presence of hazing has been eliminated from this campus,” he added. “I finally feel safe again.”