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Sophomore Starts Gang Violence Rumor to Validate Uber Ride From Radian to Mixer


Photo by Shoshi Wintman / The Daily Pennsylvanian

After immense pressure to attend her Friday night mixer despite temperatures far below what is considered healthy, sophomore Candis Taylor created a rumor of intense gang violence to validate her two block Uber ride to the event.

“I couldn’t walk there, I couldn’t have people judge me for Ubering, I couldn’t disrespect the boys of Beta Beta by not prioritizing their party,” Taylor lamented. “I had no other option but to make sure everyone thought a pack of young kids was out for blood on Locust.”

Despite the intense fear and panic that spread through campus, Taylor admitted she was impressed and inspired by her own creativity and ingenuity. She is excited for “Ted Bundy to make a come back” next weekend when she has to walk back from her club's BYO at Sitar.