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OP-ED: Frontera Should Be Replaced by Another Pret


Photo by Zhangyang / CC BY-SA 3.0

Frontera’s upcoming exit from Penn’s campus has left students wondering what sort of establishment might take its place. While options such as a 24-hour diner have been floating around, I have one opinion and one opinion only: Frontera ought to be replaced by another Pret A Manger. 

Listen, I’m not here to convince anyone since no one really agrees with my P.O.V., but, as I am here with a platform that can help aid my personal agendas, I say a second Pret is what this campus needs.

And by campus, I mean me and my taste for slightly interesting sandwiches with a hardly complementary soup. 

I mean, Frontera has run out of business, but Pret? Still going strong. That’s my horse, right there. I’ll bet on it ‘till the death. 

We’re all gonna end up in Midtown Manhattan, anyway. Better to get accustomed to our future, sole food source now.