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OP-ED: I’m Majoring in CIS Because I’m Genuinely Interested...in a Job?


Photo by OTA Photos / CC BY-SA 2.0

Yes, so you may be wondering about my Fine Arts and CIS double major, with the minor in Visual Studies. What's the connection? Where's the common thread?

Well, the way life has unraveled itself in my eyes has always been through art. There is art in the everyday features of life that create our experiences here on Earth. There is a power in art — as such immense beauty produced by man cannot help but affirm the magic of humanity. I've felt that I've been able to explore this beauty and power as student of Fine Arts and Visual Studies here at Penn. 

And, yeah, computers are great, too. I’m totally in love with them. So in love that I decided to major in computer science, actually, as well. I don't know. Around sophomore fall, it just became apparent that it was the right fit for me. 

It didn't have anything to do with the fact that I had a hard time finding an internship the summer before. I mean, I feel that I'm very transparent about that process and how its affected my career plans. It also has nothing to do with my parents' expectation that I end up at Goldman one day. I mean they expect a lot of things, but they're chill about it, I guess. 

But, yes, I really do love CIS. It really began with the first time I remember tinkering with a computer. What I saw within its body, after I unscrewed the little nails, transported me to another world — I saw a being with organs and movement and life. It was incredible. Even now, I quake in awe of the paradoxically natural way computers work. Yeah, I mean, that is when my hands aren’t shaking from other reasons hours before any given problem set is due, but it's okay, though. 

I am just so darn passionate I can’t help but give myself to this science.