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Here's a List of Philly Neighborhoods That Don't Exist But Sound Pretty Hip


Photo by michaelwm25 / CC BY-SA 2.0

Sick of campus life? Trying to escape the Penn Bubble? We at Under the Button dot com hear you loud and clear, and want our readers to enjoy all the perks our great city of Philadelphia has to offer. That's why we've compiled a list of the coolest up-and-coming Philly neighborhoods that don't technically exist but sound hip anyway.

1. Brewerypub

2. Havermawr

3. Baga Dickswyd

4. Shittocken

5. Penn's Landing Strip

6. King's Quarters

7. Cockshohocken 

8. Graduate Hospice

9. Clittenhouse

10. Pussyank

11. Point Sneeze

12. Babyunk

13. Pummelton Village

14. German Hill

15. Pissahickon

16. Clogtown

17. Olde McKinseyton

18. Fish City

19. Broken Liberties

20. Slappagheny

21. Society Bunker

22. Bryn Wyncyd 

23. Ben Franklin's Literal Butthole

24. Ytsyshythole

25. Fishtown