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Incoming Freshman Wants to Major in Econ Because It's 'Interesting'


Photo by University of the Fraser Valley / CC by 2.0

“Yeah, I’m going to Penn in the fall. Haha, yeah, should be cool,” Sydney Lerner said to her high school friends at a picnic. 

“What do I want to study? Gosh, well, that’s a big question, isn’t it?” She chuckled and looked down in order to seem as humbled by the thought and uncertain as to her academic plans as possible. 

She looked up. 

“Econ is definitely on my mind right now. I don’t know, the whole study — the field itself — is so interesting to me, you know?”

A gentle murmur of responses followed from her peers, who couldn't deny the incredibly lucrative nature of the field. 

“Sorry, did you say, ‘pass the money’? No? Oh, haha, the honey! Look, right here, here you are!” She handed the honey to her friend Lexi, who had said nothing. The future Ivy-leaguer blushed, then paused upon deeper reflection. 

"That was odd. That slip, I mean. You know, the mind works in mysterious ways,” Lerner noted with a chuckle. Then, more seriously she continued, “Which is why I have my eye on a few classes in behavioral economics.” 

“I’m planning on transferring into Wharton first,” she added. “Totally unexpected but just seems more in line with my academic plan. Plus, I've always wanted to go into the business world, so it all works out."