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Its Great to Be Back! In My Cubicle on the 3rd Floor of VP


Photo by Anna Fighera 

Yay! Wahoo!…So glad to be back at Penn for my sophomore year. 

Last year opened my tired, heavy, and naive eyes to so much — this university’s social structure, its demanding workload, how to remove the stench of vomit from the fibers of one’s jacket, and, most importantly, how to attempt a calming yet fulfilling work-life balance. 

This school has an incredible amount to offer. There are enough young adults to find your scene and enough quirky niches to inhabit. That is why students here are often intimidated upon arrival: with so many options, we are left disillusioned by our place in all of this.  

That's why I’m feeling especially grateful to be entering my sophomore year with some certainty, with some feeling that I know what home means to me — where I can go for comfort, refuge, exhilaration, and, perhaps, friendship. 

My cubicle on the third floor of Van Pelt library is very special. Upon returning to campus, I visited my old friend to dust off its smooth, vandalized sides and to caress it, in longing remembrance of the leather seat that seems to never stick uncomfortably to my sweaty thighs. Its straight edges juxtaposed against the curve of my whimsical thoughts that are born out of its nurturing shell. I've found my place. And it feels right. 

“Its good to be back,” I think aloud to the hum of the malfunctioning overhead light. “Sophomore year is gonna be lit.”