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I Transferred to Wharton to Concentrate in Accounting


Photo by esbhr2012 / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

My economics major in the college just wasn’t doing it for me. I mean, I was doing well. It wasn’t the workload or intensity of the major that gave me that off feeling. I just knew there was something that would be a better fit for me.

You see, I’m really good at accounting for things. I rarely leave things behind. I lose things quite infrequently, and that only happens when there is foul play involved (more than you’d expect). I make lists and check them twice. Maybe even three times.

Basically, I was born to account. For things. And that’s why I transferred to Wharton. During my stint as an economics major in the College of Arts and Science, I didn’t find myself to be accounting for all things. That is to say, some things — I believe — were left unaccounted for. And, as someone who accounts for pretty much everything, this naturally left me feeling unwelcome and confused.  

As an accounting concentration, I finally feel like I count. And no one can tell me otherwise…as long as I’m on the roster.