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OP-ED: As a Full-Time Student, I Just Can't Be a Youtuber Right Now


Photo by Anna Fighera (with edits)

Hey, everyone…

So, this video is going to be a little different from my other ones — I’m wearing no makeup because I honestly might cry while filming. 

As you all know, I am currently a full-time student which means my schedule is pretty insane. I know you guys really enjoyed my “Day in the Life” vlog, so if you haven’t seen it and want to check it out, it should be right here on the bottom left corner of the screen. But, yeah, so I’m always really busy. It feels like there is so little time for meditation and self-care, honestly.  

Okay, so anyway…it’s become pretty clear that I’ve had so much on my plate, I mean, I’m spilling over. Comment #spillingover in the comment section if you vibe.

Sending it during Halloweekend only a couple days after returning from giving birth was kind of insane, especially after I was MERTed. Being a full-time student is such a struggle, and you guys know I try to be as transparent as possible, since you all mean so much to me, so I’m just trying to be brave, you know? 

Brave for all of you guys — my fans who have been with me since day one. I love you guys like family. Seriously. 

Fuck, sorry that I’m crying now. I’m trying to be strong.

But yeah, Halloweekend was crazy, and also lasts like a fucking month, so I’m gonna go out tonight, but, again, trying to achieve this balance is really tough. And you guys make me more strong every day, my god, I love you all. 

I’m crying more, omg. 

I’ll keep you guys updated, and I should have another video up tomorrow at noon if you want to check out my “Whats in my bag?” vlog. 

Anyway, you guys are the greatest, which I'm sure you know already, and thank you for listening to me rant and cry so much because I’m emotional about my relationship with all of you. 

Signing off xx

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