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UTB Actually Very Bad, Low-Quality Publication


Photo by Under the Button (with edits by Anna Fighera) 

It has come to my attention that this publication is not very great. 

Why do we bathe then unknowingly drown ourselves in these futile endeavors? The Harvard Lampoon will always be the more successful sibling. Yes, one might say, we are different, but being different doesn’t mean we’re any good. 

Sure, there are undoubtedly some talented satirists among us. I cannot claim such a title. Perhaps my intimate knowledge of my own work is enough for me to make what seems like such an outlandish claim. But if you knew your writing was shit, would you then not question the very institution which endorses it? 

Why do we publish? Why do we type away for the sake of a chuckle or, if we are lucky, a Facebook share? Why do we write articles when our headlines are the only things that are read? 

How many jokes can I make about Greek life or Wharton before devolving into a frat brother with a predilection for money? What if I told you that’s already who I am? 

UnderTheButton is actually a very bad, low-quality publication, but I can say that here because so few of you are actually reading this right now. 

LOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!! Is this what freedom feels like??

So, again, why do we (why do I?) devote ourselves to producing these often fruitless figments of thought?

Well, I’d argue, because this is all kinda fun. I’ve had a great time typing away this word, then this phrase right here and maybe the word DONGLE in all caps! 

This shit is fun. I sit here in my third-floor cubicle in Van Pelt Library. It’s 11:20 A.M. on Sunday. I’m honestly having a blast.

I don’t really care that this publication is utter trash. I love it anyway.