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I Entered Commons and Left Uncommon

Photo by Gregory Boyek / The Daily Pennsylvanian

I entered 1920 Commons quite an everyday fellow:

okay character, good head of hair, 

a personality both robust and mellow. 

Content with the self was I, 

though an ordinary college student,

I was somehow hard to come by. 

But this all changed one fateful night. 

A dinner at Commons irreversibly changed my life.

One spoonful ingested of the Cream of Mushroom soup,

and my understanding of this dimension grew and grew. 

Colors I had not yet seen took all my attention, 

time physically manifested in this Cream-of-mushroom-induced perception. 

What was it that made me feel so intoxicated yet clear? 

As if a cosmic wormhole delivered me onto a Common's chair. 

Never have I tasted a thing that left me so affected,

by this mushroom concoction I've been infected. 

Bless you, Commons, for all that you've provided —

No longer am I a common fellow but rather quite lopsided!