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Top 5 Hottest Wilcaf Employees Kissing Me for Real in This Article


Photos by Christina Piasecki / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Let's be honest with ourselves — the main reason we go to the student-run coffee shop William's Cafe is not for the drinks. If we wanted good coffee, we would go to United by Blue. No, we go to Wilcaf for the sexy, baseball-cap-clad baristas.

However, there is one barista that looks good with and without a hat. That barista is Arman. He is my Penn crush. Unfortunately, he is a senior, and I am not: no Last Hurrah for me. As a result, I wrote this article for a little action.

1. Arman: It started out slow with a peck on the hand.

2. Arman: Then I stole a kiss on the cheek.

3. Arman: Things got steamy over the counter when I ordered the Drink of the Week (heath violation?)


4. Arman: We did not care what the Drink of the Week was. It's hard to believe it was something Vanilla. 


5. Arman: In the main photo of this article, you can see that I am head over heels.

Photos by Christina Piasecki / The Daily Pennsylvanian