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ACB Not Racist, She Has Haitian Children!


Many civil rights groups have expressed concern over Amy Coney Barrett's position as the new Supremacist Court Justice. Her originalist agenda and evasiveness over LGBTQ+ matters have led some to believe that she is a threat to human liberties. However, it might be relieving to hear that she is a major fan of people of color! 

Yes, she has questioned the validity of the Fourteenth Amendment. And that of Brown v. Board of Education. And yes, she has supported a past ruling that separate does mean equal regarding race. And that racial slurs do not make for a hostile work environment. But that's beside the point. We must look at the broader picture. 

Amy Coney Barrett does not have a racist bone in her body. She has proven this (twice!) through the adoption of her Haitian children! 

In an exclusive UTB interview, Justice Barrett commented, "It's so wonderful to have saved-err-I mean created a home for my Haitian children. And because of them, I am taking the BLM movement very, very personal. I'm doing everything in my power to fight against racism one adoption at a time! Did I mention that two of my kids are Black?" 

When questioned about current racial tensions within the United States, Barrett simply replied with, "Hmmm, well racism … yes … my two Black children, who I adopted from Haiti, are happy with the life I have so generously given them."

Amy Coney Barrett might hate the gays, but she sure does love minorities!