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Top 10 Animated Characters That Sexually Awakened You


Photo by Meresa García / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Even after all these years, you're still so turned on right now, aren't you, you nasty lil' horn dog? 

10. Ms. Frizzle 

Let's face it. The only reason you actually watched The Magic School Bus wasn't for educational purposes, it was to beat off to that tower of orange hair. Your hands were down your pants before Ms. Frizzle could even say to the bus!


9. Randall 

We were all into bad boys and Randall was the biggest, baddest monster out there. Admit it, every time he plotted against Sulley and Mike Wazowski, you felt a tingly sensation in your private bits.  

Ilustración_sin_título 6.jpg

8. Charles Montgomery Burns

This rich and sexy geezer was more than enough to make your heart skip a beat. That receding hairline and gray tufts of hair was such a major turn on. His diabolic plans were part of the charm that just made you want to rip his shirt off. 

Ilustración_sin_título 7.jpg

7. Carl Wheezer 

No, it wasn't boy genius, Jimmy Neutron, that you had the hots for. It was Carl! It was his glass, his freckles, his waddle that sealed the deal. You dreamed of him wheezing, reaching for his inhaler, as you both finished together. 

Ilustración_sin_título 5.jpg

6. Dora the Explorer

The original camgirl, Dora was the first to introduce you to the world of bestiality. Hot as hell, she fooled around with monkeys and foxes a like. Too bad she was shacking up with her cousin, Diego :(. 

Ilustración_sin_título 3.jpg

5. Yzma 

Now that was one foxy lady! If she wasn't the definition of dominatrix, then I don't know who was. You screamed out more Empress Yzma as you fantasized her whipping you for being so, so naughty. You just couldn't resist those long black lashes and purple, skeletal figure, now could you? 

Ilustración_sin_título 1.jpg

4. Ed

This tall drink of water was a sight for sore eyes! A gentleman, you knew Ed would treat you right. He would take it slow with you, something that you kept in mind during your late night sessions with your pillow. 

Ilustración_sin_título 2.jpg

3. Courage the Cowardly Dog

This pink beagle was the total package. His anxiety and constant fear of everything made you just so horny. Day or night, you would think of all the bad things you would do to this timid dog. 

Ilustración_sin_título 8.jpg

2. Squidward Quincy Tentacles 

It was the tentacles. Always and forever the tentacles. You stayed up all night thinking how it would feel to be spooned by his elongated organs. How muscular they must have been! It's so sad that your sexual escapades with this seductive octopus were only mere wet dreams. 

Ilustración_sin_título 4.jpg

1. Barry Benson 

From his minimalist wardrobe to those spindly black legs, Barry B. Benson oozed sex. You constantly imagined what it would feel like to grind up against his thorax and abdomen. The masochist in you couldn't stop thinking about the pain of his stinger thrusting inside of you. He had you squirting honey in no time, didn't he? 

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