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Breaking: Men Still Not Funny

Happy Couple Man Laughing People Grass Lovers

After millennia of social advantage, men have still not managed to develop their own forms of true comedy. 

When was the last time a man-made you truly laugh? Not a compulsory giggle, or an uncomfortable snicker, or a smiling exhale at your phone screen. When was the last time you literally rolled on the ground laughing at something a man said? 

It is simply true that marginalized people have more vibrant cultures. Marginalized cultures’ richness originates in the scarcity/survivors’ mentality of its participants, who scrape together society’s leftovers to create, engage with, and perform culture both meaningfully and sexily. Men as a group, however, have no survivors’ mentality. Their millennia of social and political domination has provided them with everything except a sense of humor. Of course, there are intersections of male identity that may provide individuals with some comedic insight, but unfortunately, their status as men negates those comedic faculties, rendering them dull and humorless.

This breakthrough in social theory comes on the heels of 2020’s pandemic season, wherein men everywhere have had limited contact with women and therefore have lost a lot of material. Notable examples of men’s unfunniness include still quoting any media from before 2015 (Borat, Key & Peele, etc.), leaning on the dehumanization of marginalized people, and repeating a punchline that they didn’t come up with back to their friend. On Zoom, these consequences are dastardly. Men have taken it upon themselves to be the sole and clumsy entertainers within breakout rooms. It’s literally excruciating to be in a breakout room with a man who prides himself in not having done the readings. These examples point to an unsettling trend: men may never be funny.