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International Student Develops Night Vision


Photo by Pixabay with edits by Sonia Feil / CC 2.0

After 12 miserable weeks of remote learning from his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, Steven Gundy (C ‘24) has developed the ability to see in the dark. Gundy’s classes begin at 10 am EST and end at 4:30 pm EST. In Melbourne, this means that his first class is at 2 am and his last is 8:30 am.

“Yeah I’d say I’ve become a bit nocturnal,” reports Gundy. “I first started noticing changes in my eyesight in the middle of October, but now it’s full-blown night vision.”

When asked why he doesn’t elect to attend classes asynchronously, Gundy replied that he tried that at the beginning of the semester, but only two of his professors remembered to record class. Neither of these professors has ever actually posted the recordings on Canvas, both citing “technical difficulties.”

Gundy wasn’t able to come to campus this Fall because his family is neither rich nor abusive—a fact that Gundy often laments. They were, however, starting to get pissed off with his late hours, and were the first ones to suggest working with the lights out.

Gundy’s new ability has been both a blessing and a curse. “I see everything,” reports Gundy, fear in his eyes. “Everything. You wouldn’t believe what people try to get away with in the dark.”

The other problem is that Gundy is now so sensitive to daylight, he plans to stay at home in Australia for the Spring semester. But who are we kidding, that’s what all of us are doing anyways.