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19 Year Old Mole Actually Speck of Dust


Photo by Meresa García / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

In the 19 years of my pathetic existence, I only found one thing that was worth celebrating: my unbreakable friendship with the mole on my left inner forearm. 

She was a small growth, not even a millimeter in diameter. And yet, she played an integral part in who I am today. This tiny cluster of pigment cells accompanied me through the best of times and through the worst of times. 

We came into this world together and I, naively, imagined we would also leave it together. 

Unfortunately, I discovered that my precious mole, my forever companion, was not even a mole! She was a but a mere speck of dust. 

When asked, my mother confirmed the terrible news: 

"Your father and I have always known the truth. The hospital was under construction that day and there was debris everywhere. We tried our best to wash it all off of you, but one fleck stayed. And by the time we noticed, you were already so attached to it."

People tell me that things could be worse ("you could have COVID!") and that I should pay attention to more pressing matters ("worry about the election!"). But the thing is, COVID is just a conspiracy and the election isn't even that important. The bond that I had with my mole was real. And I have lost it forever.  

To cope with my unbearable loss, I've decided to seek out help. In a few days, I will be getting mole addition surgery. I know this new friend won't replace my old one. Nothing ever will. But at least I'll know she isn't going anywhere.