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AE A-XII Says First Word: $$%&*!!!


Photo (with edits by Meresa García) by Steve J. and Pemberton / CC BY 2.0 

In May of this summer, power couple Elon Musk and Canadian singer Grimes blessed us with their son, X AE A-XII. Now, baby Musk is making big strides of his own. 

This past week, the Space X CEO announced on twitter, "The prodigal son has spoken: $$%&*!!"

As usual, fans were quick to respond with their stupid questions, such as "is this a joke?", "what does it mean?", and naturally, "how do you pronounce it?" 

Luckily, Grimes was able to clear up the whole situation. In a recent tweet, she explained her son's first word: 

"$$ obviously signals his natural entrepreneurship abilities. % reflects his future portion of Mars. & is his take on all the radical art I show him. * is an homage to his space daddy. And as for !!, that's pretty self-explanatory, isn't?"

In his UTB interview, X AE A-XII confirmed his mother's tweet by cooing, "$$%&*!!" He further added, " $$%&*!!" 

Baby Musk's first word is merely a fraction of the ingenuity that he has to offer. So much so that Penn has already reserved a spot for the future Tesla CEO in the Wharton Class of 2038

"We hope he'll accept our offer," commented Wharton Dean Erika James, "I mean his opinion on open markets and free trade is astounding! In all my years, no one has ever come up with the idea of $$. He's an incredible student in the making."  

Grimes has already said that she will be writing down all that X AE A-X says and use it in her upcoming album titled @@%&*!!, in honor of her son's first word.