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Five Trending Pillow Talk Topics To Get Them Hot and Heavy


Photo by Jorge Miente via Flickr // CC 2.0 

Looking to spice things up for this Valentine’s Day? Want to make things more caliente in the bedroom? You’ve come to the right place! Here are five topics that will surely make your partner (and you!) have the best, most wild, craziest sex this year!

1. Racial Equity

Things can get a little awkward with all the unbuttoning, unzipping, and unclasping. To make things a bit more comfortable for everyone, softly nibble on their ear and say I hate racism and equal opportunity regardless of race. You can take it one step further by gently sighing let’s be anti-racists together

2. Universal Health Care

You’ve broken the tension. Now what? As your hands slowly caress their inner thigh, press your lips against theirs and murmur: quality medical service, followed by free of charge, public access, and if you’re ready no financial hardship.

3. Feminist Political Philosphy

Alright player, you’ve made it this far. No turning back. You’re both riling with anticipation. They run their fingers through your hair. You place your mouth on their neck. Gently whisper second wave feminism, Roxane Gay, and intersectional feminism. To make them really squeal in delight, slowly utter revolution against capitalism’s exploitation of women.

4. Gun Control 

Okay, you’re almost there. Not much longer until that sweet release. Skin on skin. Where do you end and they begin? Edging closer and closer, softly pant assault-style weapon ban, gasp mandatory background checks. Losing more and more control, quickly groan eliminate gun show loopholes

5. Proper Protective Equipment

This is it! The grand finale! Heat rising. Tension growing. Excitedly moan eye goggles, hand sanitizer, 20 second hand washing. To get the most out of this incredible ending, hungerly exclaim disinfectants, N95 face masks, oh boy here it comes … scream out COVID prevention! COVID prevention! COVID prevention! 

And there you have it!  Try out these five steamy pillow talk topics and take your sex game to the next level.