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Kate Gives Up for Lent


Photo by Meresa García / The Daily Pennsylvanian

On Ash Wednesday, Kate Collins (C '22) decided that for the next 40 days of Lent, she, just like her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, would be completely withdrawing from society. She has made the conscious decision to totally and utterly, 100% abstain from life. 

“Look, JC was powerful enough to refuse all of the devil’s temptations,” said Kate as she laid in the middle of Locust Walk, “So by rejecting life itself, doesn’t that prove that I’m just as, or maybe even stronger than Him? Maybe they should be calling me the Daughter of God.” 

During Lent, some people give up drinking. Others stop sniffing crack. As for the College junior, she simply chose to give up. For many individuals, giving up life’s luxuries is a slow process. But for Kate, it came quite naturally. All she had to do was crawl underneath her warm duvet cover and her journey of life-denial had begun. 

The holy season is a time of spiritual growth and finding personal strength. By letting go, by not moving forward, Kate has certainly discovered that she is more than capable of accepting any curve balls that life throws her way, because she simply just ignores them. 

“When life gives you lemons,” proclaimed Kate as she stared into oblivion, “all you have to do is simply rot right next to them.”