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Sturdy Girl Looking for Well-Balanced Guy


Photo by Meresa García / The Daily Pennsylvanian

ISO: Well-Balanced Guy (University City)

Hey y’all! I am a 20 yo, 5’2, sturdy female living near UPenn campus in search of a well balanced guy who’s willing to try new things, knows how to prioritize his goals, is responsible in all areas of life, and of course, is great in bed!

Here’s a little bit about me …  I’m a bit thick (butt!) and on the curvier side. My weight training has given my shoulders great definition (so I won’t need you to open any jars for me).  I rarely make compromises and am firm in my beliefs, but am really open minded (more moderate liberal than anything lol). I am assertive only because I know what I want and I know how to get it. I am not easily deterred, so not many kinks put me off ;-)

Some things that I’m looking for: 

  • Has blend of Peter Kavinsky and Jughead vibes
  • Is chill, but not extra 
  • Has sense of humor, but professional game is top notch
  • Wears both martens and checkered vans 
  • Not too tall, but can easily reach upper cabinets 
  • Plans ahead and spontaneous 
  • Has (or intends to get) both dog and cat 

Please send in a picture (FULL BODY!!!) and a brief description of yourself. Include BMI, favorite position, income, and list of daily vitamins. I promise that if you are the right fit, we will have an amazing time together :) 

Serious offers and inquiries only.