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*Cough* *Sneeze* *Sniffle* Don’t Worry Guys, I Don’t Have COVID–19


Photo by Meresa García // The Daily Pennsylvanian

*Achoo* Whoops, sorry! Let me blow my nose. Anyone got a tissue? No? That’s okay! I found this crumbled one in my pocket *viciously spews snot*

Luckily, I haven’t lost my voice just yet, but my throat hurts like crazy! I think that it gets worse as the day goes on. That’s when people start telling me I sound like Kermit, and not in a sexy way. 

*Hacks up a lung* And don’t worry guys, I know what you’re thinking! But no, I don’t have COVID–19! I got tested yesterday and it came back negative. I won’t lie, I was low-key kinda stressed that I had it … but I didn’t really want to miss class, so I just kept saying it was allergies …

Whatever it is, I know a lot of other people are experiencing similar symptoms, so I'm not the only one feeling crappy. And again, it’s not COVID–19, so we’ve really got nothing to worry about. 

It is highly contagious *sneezes uncontrollably* and all, but honestly, this DayQuil Extra Strength is doing wonders — so no sweat if you do get it, because after the second wave, you’ll be fine! 

And I honestly don’t know why professors are making a big deal out of this because, like I said, it isn’t as if we’re spreading around COVID–19. So don’t go sounding the alarm over a few used tissues and a nasty cough