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Triple Minority: Brown, Female, and Can Cum!


Photo by Meresa García // The Daily Pennsylvanian

A quick glance in my direction and you see that I am clearly 1) a woman and 2) brown. And for my whole life I have known myself to be a minority caught in between the intersection of these two features. Oh me? I’m just a little Mexican woman. How cute!

But then, on a normal Wednesday night, my whole identity radically changed. My boyfriend and I just finished having sex when he looked down and said, “Is that you?” And indeed it was! And I was beautiful! White. Creamy. Sweet goop. My cum <3

My squirting was an unexpected, yet an enjoyable and exciting discovery. This meant that I was no longer confined to two measly attributes. I am a triple whammy. A coveted three time champ. A triple minority! How exotic! How special! How unknown!

While some might be jealous of my new found triple minority status, I would only say: do not fret young one! It isn’t until you’re ejaculating all over your twin size sheets that you realize how minority you really are.