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Photo Essay: Penn Architecture Society's Building Beautification Proposal


1. The High Rises

highrises ugly.png

Look how ugly and fat these stupid little residences are! Shameful. The Penn Architecture Society suggests the following alterations:

highrises snatched.png

Slay! Who wouldn't want to live here??

2. Van Pelt Library

VP ugly.jpg

Look at this unsightly mass of concrete! The Architecture Society hasn't seen anything so vile since the construction of DRL. Here are our recommendations:

VP slay.png

3. Goddard Laboratories


Truly sickening! Beautifying this structure is an urgent matter, as unlucky students who catch a glimpse of it have been reported to throw up immediately thereafter. Here are the board's suggestions: 

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 12.57.24 PM.png


4. McNeil Building


Thank god for those brave trees sacrificing themselves to protect innocent students from that detestable monstrosity. Here are our much-needed ideas:


5. 1920 Commons


How crude! The architects have come up with this:

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 1.03.24 PM.png