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I’m Just Trying to Figure Out What Sport You Play, Not Look at Your Boobs

(11/07/22 4:23pm)

We have all been there. You see an athlete approaching, and you try and use every context clue to figure out what sport she plays. Tall or short? Ponytailed or French braided? On foot or scooter? There is a myriad of sports she could play, as she gets closer you squint at her shirt. It comes into focus. Penn Athletics… basketball! 

Take Your Mind off of Academic Woes! Browse These Fall-Fun-Photos of Amy G’s Warm Toned Midcentury Princeton Home on Zillow

(10/18/22 4:14pm)

Nestled in the nice part of Princeton suburbs, Amy G’s 1.7 million dollar 5 bed 4 bath is the fall getaway you want to get lost in. Everything about this house says I was the longest serving president in Penn history. Doesn’t seeing the ice on her pool cover just make you want to head inside with a cup of hot apple cider and forget about your pending ECON midterm grade?