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?Where You Put Your Jacket At Smoke's And What It Says About You: A UTB Primer

(03/16/15 4:04pm)

The 1st day of Spring may be around the corner, but warm weather is not yet in sight. Which means the age-old problem of what-do-I-do-with-my-jacket-at-social-events persists. Nowhere does this dilemma exist as much as it does at Smoke's, the humble abode of His Majesty Kweder, to whom we would walk 500 miles to see that Brown-Eyed Man.

Feb Club Week 3: Haven't We Done This Before?

(02/12/15 3:44pm)

You're halfway to getting your name on a plaque in Smokes! Yay! Week 1 is past. Week 2 is over. You've been tagged in so many pictures of you holding a beer and being photobombed by a random girl who you kind of know because she was in a MEAM class with you but wasn't on your group project team but was on your friend's group project team but it was a big class so you're not sure that she recognizes you or means to be photobombing you but you made awkward eye contact so it's unclear what the situation is...and now you're ready to do it all again this week! 

Wharton Goes To "Work"

(12/02/14 6:18pm)

On our way to office hours today, we spotted this slideshow presenting one Wharton professor's "research" about "The Productivity of Not Working." Unsurprisingly, no one was in the room, presumably not working hard...and being productive at it. We left before the audience showed up, but we suspect that the presenting professor decided that giving the presentation qualified as "working" – and immediately pulled out his phone to begin filling out a BuzzFeed quiz.

(10/27/14 2:30pm)

Sign up for next semester's classes -- Advance registration on PennInTouch is now open, which means the quest for a schedule with no classes before 1:30pm has begun. Seniors, feel free to shed tears of sadness at your last course registration, and the rest of you feel free to shed tears of sadness at being stuck with Friday class (again).

(10/21/14 1:56pm)

Follow UTB's Day in the Life REALTALK -- As you lay in bed nursing your Tuesday morning hangover amidst an ever-encroaching pile of dirty laundry, click on over to our Instagram to see how Penn students just like you live A Day in the Life. You may be thrilled to discover that you're not the only one NOT casually tossing a Frisbee on College Green or discussing the Iliad with a pack of smiling racially-diverse friends. (And, if you're feeling inspired, send us some Fall pics here!)

SHUTTERBUTTON: Halloween 91 Years Ago

(10/15/14 8:42pm)

With October 31st only 16 days away, we flash back this week to the Roaring Twenties, a time on campus when you could get into a party--erm, "Frolic"--with the above invitation, Hallowe'en was spelled with an apostrophe, DANCING sufficed as a party description, and all the rich kids went to West Egg for Fall Break. Oh, the good old days. Still not excited for next weekend? Grab your masques, and let's dance (in church) like it's 1923.

36 Hours In Huntsman

(10/02/14 1:38pm)

When we're not using our Facebook feeds as a source of world news, we sometimes scan the headlines of the New York Times. The Grey Lady's 36 Hours in [insert city you hazily remember from your semester abroad] feature inspired us to appreciate what's in our own backyards. Read at your own risk: Huntsman is a crazy, crazy place.