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Alternative Post-Graduation Trips To Save You Time And Money

(04/06/16 5:06pm)

As graduation and real life approaches, seniors are getting down to business on planning post-grad festivities. But what if you don't have time for a trip to the Mediterranean or a romp around Southeast Asia before your June 1 start date? Moreover, what if you're not selling your soul to a bank/consulting firm and don't have a signing bonus to blow? We've got some ideas.

Treat. Yo. Self.: Dean Furda Edition

(03/29/16 2:30pm)

For those who don't have a stressed out 17-year-old in their life to remind them, many college admissions decisions are being released this week, including dear old Penn's. This weekend, a man who appears to be Dean Furda was spotted kicking back while getting a pedicure after admitting what will inevitably be the most glorious, talented, diverse, driven, kind-hearted, cutthroat, passionate, nerdy, cool, nerdy-cool, spunky, punky, spelunky, qualified, and of course, exceptional, class in Penn's history.

Four Alternative Poses For Your Lin Pic

(02/25/16 6:08pm)

Big Little Weeks are upon us, folks. That means our Facebook and Insta feeds are not only under siege from vicious lies that everyone's big is the best, but also classically posed lineage pics that represent the hierarchy of bigness. You know, when the big big big's head is above the big big's head, which is above the big's head, which is about the prized, precious little's shining aura. 

Non-Humans of Penn, Volume V: This Snowman Outside of Civic House

(01/25/16 8:00pm)

(1/1) "Nothing reminds you that everything is ephemeral like being made of frozen water. Like by the time someone see this photo of me, I could be gone. It's morbid, man. But I realized when I was young, about four hours ago, that I could either despair about the fact that I'll be gone soon or I could just carpe diem, you know? So I'm trying to enjoy every moment. Like a few minutes ago, a kid slipped on the ice and I just laughed my brains out. I laughed so hard my head partially melted. That's what it means to live every moment to the fullest, I think."

UTB Presents: Small Man On Campus

(11/11/15 3:26pm)

As Big Man On Campus approaches tonight, it can be hard to remember that size isn't everything. Since it's not always about who can win over the crowd with a semi-clothed dance routine at the Roxxy, but rather who can look the most adorable when shrunk to the size of a squirrel's playmate, we've worked some Disney magic on this year's BMOC contenders. Ladies and gents, here are your 2015 Small Man on Campus contestants!  

8 Things We Learned From The Ivy League Snapchat Story

(11/01/15 10:00pm)

The Ivy League Snapchat Story came barreling into our feeds last week, bringing cringe-worthy 7 second videos and many questions into our lives. Could EVERYONE see these? Obviously not. Exclusivity is everything. How long will this last? The answer appears to be forever. The deluge of Snaps has conviently taught us 8 things about the 8 Ivies:

Most Depressing Places On Campus Volume II: Those Little Gyms In The Quad

(10/15/15 7:21pm)

If the first-ever Most Depressing Place was where desperate Quakers go to eat dry, soulless baked goods, this week's Most Depressing Place is where equally sad people go to attempt to work them off. These creepy little underground gyms in the Quad reek of shame and failed attempts to sweat off Wawa drunchies. 

What To Do For Fall Break For Every Year At Penn

(10/09/15 7:54pm)

With a slew of midterms standing between a Quaker and Fall Break, the possibilities for those blissful four days seem limitless.  One could travel the country, party all night, or just sit down and decide what to do with the rest of one's life. When Fall Break finally rolls around though, the possibilities are actually pretty finite. And for each year at Penn, it boils down to a few top things to do with your Fall Break.