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Staples Makes Life Easier, Again

(05/10/09 5:13pm)

The ubiquitous office supplies store understands that life should be simple. It's even been the central mantra of their famous easy button marketing campaign. Though no such button exists to write cover letters for you -- if only! -- Staples has made the job/internship search just a little bit easier. Through June 13, participating stores are offering a "Career Stimulation Special": you can get 20 resumes and 40 business cards for free! Take advantage, because we're fairly sure resume paper makes up for any inadequacies.

Care To Offer A Rebuttal, Rx?

(04/14/09 8:30pm)

University City's own Marigold Kitchen has been named the third best brunch spot in the country, according to Bon Appetit. No word on why the other U-City brunch mainstay, Rx, didn't make the cut, but here's why MK did: Enjoying southern dishes (like a collard green and mushroom frittata; a Surry sausage and mushroom crepe; and stone-ground grits) in a converted Victorian home, you'd think you were somewhere in Dixie. But no: It's just Sunday at this lovely University City BYOB. Even though the description is a little thin, we're delighted for Philly to get the recognition. But we know that students love their brunch, so have at it in the comments. Did Bon Appetit hit or miss the mark?

Would You Like Some Do-Goodness With Your Alcohol?

(04/14/09 2:06am)

Though SPEC may only have official plans for Friday and Saturday, we all know this whole week is about Spring Fling. Which--who are we fooling?--really just means this week is about consuming copious amount of alcohol. But some of you might feel guilty taking that sixth shot of Absolut. Or maybe feel selfish for joining in the hedonism.

Panic, Quad Residents! Bag Checks Start Tomorrow

(04/03/09 2:55am)

Penn is sneaky. A tipster forwarded us a lengthy email sent tonight to all students living in university housing, warning that spring fling bag checks will begin tomorrow. Of course, the email was sent at 10 PM -- in other words, after liquor stores are closed. Since many Spring Fling events are held inside the Quad, no one may enter the Quad with any alcohol containers, sealed or unsealed, starting Friday, April 3.  During official Fling hours, Friday & Saturday, 11am - 6pm, ONLY empty BEVERAGE CONTAINERS that are open will be allowed into the Quad.

Their Serious Faces Say It's Fashion Week

(03/30/09 3:04pm)

As the video above tells you, Penn's own Fashion Week begins today. We'll forgive the over-the-top looks of unhappiness the models have because they did manage to get both Domenico De Sole AND Penn alum Tory Burch to grace our campus this week. Both are impressive catches by themselves, let alone together. And it doesn't hurt that a third of the audience at Domenico De Sole's address will probably be wearing Tory Burch flats. Check out the week's schedule after the jump.

Because You're Not Above Brownie Points

(03/03/09 10:50pm)

Midterms bring out the ugly in all of us, and one of the ugliest of truths is that we feel compelled to suck up. You may not want to admit it - you may do it yourself and still hate others for doing it better than you - but regardless: when you're sitting the library for hours on end, feeling more and more disillusioned about your worth as a student, you undoubtedly feel the urge to accrue as many brownie points as possible. (Or is that just me?)

Recession Specials Hit Houston

(03/02/09 4:58pm)

Penn Dining recently sent out an email ever-so-kindly pointing out meals to be had on-campus for under $6. (Which only makes the yearly meal plan push even harder to bite into.) I'm all for cheaper eats, but I do wonder what motivated the email. Is Subway concerned about our thinning wallets? Or has there been a drop-off in customers? But wouldn't a college campus provide a steady customer base, even amidst economic woes? Or -- gasp! -- have we begun cooking?

Well, The Skies Are Friendly

(12/12/08 4:35am)

The timing is almost too perfect. Just as everyone is packing up and deserting campus for three-ish weeks of no class & no exams, one of our favorite Philly blogs, Philebrity, broke the sad news about our own Philadelphia International Airport (PHL): it has been titled the "Most Stressed Airport" in the US for 2008! We hate to be mean, but this does seem more fitting for a city known as "Killadelphia" than a World Series win.