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UTB Investigates: How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

(09/26/22 12:53pm)

As I walked past Saia’s Dry Cleaners on my daily morning excursion to the Copabanana (if you have the means, I highly recommend), a horrible thought entered my feeble girl mind, how do dry cleaners clean clothes sans water?????????? I know I’m terribly naive, but doesn’t cleaning need water? What exactly goes on behind those paper thin walls?

Path@Penn Is a Convenient, High-Tech, Innovative, Yet Nostalgic Website for All Your Needs

(04/18/22 2:52pm)

Path@Penn– I love you. I love your web-design, your labyrinthine tabs,  your convoluted ways. Websites like google.com and yahoo.com never make me think. I just search for what I want, and get a response back within seconds. But with you, it’s like fighting the good fight. I have to know what I want. To find out which introductory course I should take next semester, you require some soul searching. You play hard to get. I like that. 

Celebrate? Nobody in My 8:30 Math Recitation Knows Today Is My Birthday

(03/01/22 4:06pm)

I arrive just on time to DRL for my 8:30 AM Math 104 Recitation. Sure, it seems like just about any other day. There’s 5 out of the 40 students enrolled present. I appear to be taking notes, but I am actually browsing the interweb. There’s all sorts of numbers and symbols on the board, each with a particular meaning I have yet to understand. It all seems ordinary.

BREAKING: Mini Pret to Be Built in Pret Inside Huntsman Hall

(02/28/22 5:01pm)

In an effort to streamline efficiency in the loving Wharton community and ease US-French relations, a Mini Pret a Manger is set to be built inside the Pret located in Huntsman Hall. This new miniature Pret is undergoing rapid construction, thanks to funds being diverted from lesser institutions such as the office of financial aid, community outreach, and the College of Arts and Sciences. This historic addition would mark a record as Huntsman Hall will soon be the first building in over a century to house three gorgeous gorgeous Prets!