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Get Down With Gutmann

(12/08/08 5:08pm)

For those of you who are not incarcerated in Van Pelt for the next week and a half (we hate you), you can venture to President Gutmann's Holiday Party tonight. Her socialite assistant, Leah Popowich, sends these details: President Gutmann's Holiday Party! Monday, December 8th, 2008 8-9 pm President’s House, 3812 Walnut Street Come for great food and a study break! Don’t forget your Penn ID! The party seems innocuous enough; a study break almost guarantees the absence of anything remotely scandalous, and there should be food, which is enough of a draw for most of us. Even so, wouldn't it make sense to hold a "study break" closer to where the majority of our study space is located? I know it's too cold to hold the event in Perelman Quadrangle like is done on Halloweeen, but I think next year Gut-Gut should explore options like Houston or Meyerson. And maybe we're being picky, but couldn't they have come up with a more professional-looking flyer? The days of designing on Microsoft Word are long gone.

"Just Outside Philly" Schools Love Penn Masala

(12/03/08 12:26am)

We're not exactly sure why English House Gazette, a blog for "news & information by students at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges," is writing about our favorite all-male South Asian a cappella group, Penn Masala, but really, is a reason even necessary? As the story details, they're a cappella all-stars: Riding on the success of previous albums, their newest one features three original Hindi songs, which have been written and composed collaboratively by the group. One of the songs ‘Pehchaan’ which literally translates into identity has truly established Penn Masala’s identity on the a cappella scene as it will be featured on the BOCA or ‘Best of College A Cappella’ 2008 album. Though we may not have known such a disc existed, we are impressed nonetheless. Congrats, guys!

Philly's Top 100 In The Last 100 Years

(12/02/08 4:30pm)

Though Philadelphia Magazine is not the rag you probably reach for, December's issue covers the top 100 moments in Philly in the past 100 years. The magazine's website strategically offers little insight about what these moments are -- guess we'll have to read it while lurking at Barnes and Noble -- aside from a slideshow of the top 10 moments. Consider this a supplement to HIST 204.303.

Obama Has Landed!

(12/02/08 2:00pm)

Sure, he's here to discuss the economic crisis, but more importantly: you have the chance to catch a glimpse of him! Obama's meeting with the National Governors Association at Independence Hall today, so dropping by there is your best bet for sneaking a peek. Palin is expected to be in attendance too, so that promises some awkward good fun as well!

Rockin' The Rhodes

(11/23/08 7:29pm)

The Rhodes Trust just released the 2008-2009 winners of the Rhodes scholarship to Oxford. Sure, Princeton can claim 3 winners this cycle but we have Abigail Seldin (C'09) to rep our good name. Her winner bio details: Abigail P. Seldin, Tierra Verde, Florida, is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania where she majors in anthropology. Elected as a junior to Phi Beta Kappa, she is the first undergraduate to curate an exhibit at the Penn Museum, a major collaboration on the Lenape Tribe, based in part on her original ethnographic research. She also has field archaeological experience in Egypt and France, and is interested in preserving cultural heritages across the world and in cross-cultural collaboration in museums. At Oxford, Abby plans to do the M.Sc. in materiality and museum ethnology. Congrats, Abigail!

Penn Athletics Is Bribing Fans

(11/15/08 3:02am)

Big news for Penn sports: tomorrow at noon is the Penn vs. Harvard football game and at 7:30 PM Men's Soccer battles Harvard in the Ivy League championships, held at our own Rhodes Field. And they want an audience--so much that they're not playing games with these games. A tipster notified us that Penn Athletics is promising free Penn knit caps for the first 1000 attendees!

That Is What He Said

(11/14/08 3:33am)

Street counts itself as a proud follower of the cult of James Bond. And how could we not? Long before The Office got the phrase "that's what she said" stuck in our heads, Agent 007 was making ridiculous sexual innuendos. And in case you're wondering exactly what he said, Maxim has compiled clips of the best Bond sex puns. Now hit that.

Victoria's Secret Is Out

(11/11/08 3:30pm)

Yesterday's DP wrote about sophomore underwear activist, Calina Cuevas, who has founded a Facebook group dedicated to getting Victoria's Secret's PINK collection to manufacture Penn-branded underwear. Though she follows in the successful Facebook footsteps of the Penn students who called for firing certain McDonald's employees at the 40th and Walnut location, we think it'd just be easier to make the panties ourselves. It's cheaper, and fun!

The Sunday NY Times Wedding Announcements: Penn 3.5, Harvard 12

(10/26/08 2:24pm)

Before this week, I thought Penn was supposed to be the social Ivy. Shouldn't we be the ones getting hitched at an alarming rate? We're outgoing, we're interesting, we know how to balance work and play... or at least play and play. But maybe all we are doing is playing, because our objective tally shows that regardless of Harvard's social reputation, it is the Ivy with the most mentions in the New York Times Wedding Announcement this week. The couple that deserves the most accolades is the Kleins, who together earned Harvard a whomping 5 points! They both received undergraduate degrees there + he received a MBA + she received both a law degree AND a MBA for a total that = 5 Harvard degrees between the two of them. Don't you just hate them a little? Or a lot.

Quiznos Witnesses Fleeting Romance

(10/25/08 12:00pm)

If you give a mouse of cookie, he's going to want a glass of milk to go with it. And if it's midterms, then we're going to want to procrastinate by trawling through Craigslist's Missed Connections. Tales of unrequited love just seem to inspire brilliance. But they also provoke our sympathies too -- especially this one that took place in the food court formerly known as the Moravian Cafe on Thursday. If the mystery man in grey straight jeans is a Penn student -- which we expect he is because that describes every male English major we know -- then help this girl out! She even included a winking emoticon in her plea; if that isn't love, we don't know what is.

Parlez Vous College Student?

(10/24/08 8:20pm)

They say the best things in life are free. Shouldn't that include movies and music? The administration says no, probably because they are tired of being put in the middle of the dispute between the suers and the students. But all that RIAA, DMCA and MPAA stuff is confusing. I mean really, what does that mean? Are we expected to be informed? Luckily Penn has done us a favor with their latest marketing campaign that now dots College Green: they've broken down illegality with language any college student can understand!

Graduation 2009: For Applicants Only

(10/21/08 6:38pm)

The College Graduation Office (apparently, there is a College Graduation Office) just sent SAS seniors a fear-inducing e-mail mapping out everything that must be done to graduate. Aside from the fact that it's currently October, here is the craziest part: 6.      You can access the Application for Graduation online by clicking on: https://fusion.sas.upenn.edu/colsec/gradapp/