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Donald Trump Doesn't Want You To See These Photos

(12/13/16 11:30pm)

President-Elect, Time's Person of the Year Award, Wharton alum, and... small hat wearer? In these previously-unreleased pictures, we see a new facet of controversial figure Donald Trump. Trump (W ’68) was dressed to the nines at the Wharton Club's 44th Annual Wharton Award Dinner back in 2014, where he received the Joseph Wharton Award. But what struck us was Trump's unique, likely divisive choice of accessory. Some may love this fashion choice, while others may hate it. Now that he's won the election, perhaps we will see these tiny fedoras (to compliment his tiny hands) make a comeback in the White House in 2017.

How Many Triplets Are In 3hree Triplets Fitness?

(12/01/16 8:26pm)

Everyone on campus knows, or knows about, the Jones triplets. Aside from being identical triplets, which already sets them apart on campus, they're also all incredibly handsome, fit, friendly, and good at dancing. They were on Family Feud, where they dabbed on Steve Harvey with their lovely parents. They were featured on BET as "People You Should Know." Together, the triplets run 3hree Triplets Fitness, a fitness organization which hosts bootcamp workouts on campus so you can look at them and feel bad about how many crunches you can do (two and a half).

Punny, Penn-y Valentine's Day Cards: Part II

(02/14/16 5:36pm)

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you ran out of time to head to CVS or you’re afraid to go outside, UTB has got you covered with a second round of sophisticated, authentic, and beautiful V-day cards below. As the polar vortex unleashes its fury upon us (probs because it’s single), remember to show your appreciation for those you love- significant others, favorite meals, a pillow that you sometimes pretend is your boyfriend. Anything, really!

UTB Presents: Small Man On Campus

(11/11/15 3:26pm)

As Big Man On Campus approaches tonight, it can be hard to remember that size isn't everything. Since it's not always about who can win over the crowd with a semi-clothed dance routine at the Roxxy, but rather who can look the most adorable when shrunk to the size of a squirrel's playmate, we've worked some Disney magic on this year's BMOC contenders. Ladies and gents, here are your 2015 Small Man on Campus contestants!