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Pro/Con/Pro: Banana Leaf

(02/18/16 6:07pm)

Looking for a spot for your next BYO? Many would suggest Banana Leaf, a Penn staple. But how do you know if it's really any good? Few people have a clear, accurate memory of their time at Banana Leaf. Reading Yelp reviews gets you nowhere: apparently people go there for first dates, and are interested in the food. Fear not-- we've compiled a list of pros and cons tailored to the needs of the Penn student, which should help with your decision.

Pro/Con/Pro: Sculptures on Campus

(11/13/15 9:40am)

Have you ever been walking down Locust or strutting across 34th when you suddenly think to yourself, something does not belong here? If so, you may have run into one of the dozens of pieces of "public art" littered around campus! If you're not sure whether to worship these works of modern genius or run screaming from these overabundant eyesores, UTB is here to help you out.

Spotted: Guy In A Panda Mask Takes Campus By Storm

(10/13/15 6:32pm)

'Tis the season? It's been a mere few days back from Fall Break, and someone is already breaking out a dusty panda head from the back of his closet. Welcome to October, everyone! While this snapchat sighting certainly isn't the most unbelievable (or desperate) thing to happen in Philly this week...or even our weirdest sighting...this panda-human hybrid was definitely unusual enough to catch our eye. We can only assume that this human is really a celebrity in disguise or training to be the next American Ninja Warrior. Or this is just a Penn student...how unoriginal.