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AC360 to Grace Us With His Presence

Silver fox Anderson Cooper will be SPEC Connaissance's fall speaker, the DP reports, and let us be the first to respond to that news with a hearty "hell yeah!" Aside from just existing in this world as his generally adorable self, Anderson's accomplishments include Emmy awards, bestselling books, and hosting beloved reality series The Mole.  Good choice, SPEC!  Now get back to work, only six months left to fight over which crappy band should play Fling '09.

After the jump, we've culled some interesting facts from Anderson Cooper's wikipedia page.

Anderson Cooper is an Ivy Leaguer, just like you!  But he went to one of those schools everyone actually knows is an Ivy, Yale.  Under normal circumstances, this might embitter us, but Anderson gets a pass!  Because he's had a hard life.  He is a Vanderbilt, it's true (his mother is Gloria Vanderbilt, of the eponymous jeans line), but his family was plagued by the tragic early deaths of both his father and his older brother.  Anderson is from New York, where he went to the chi-chi Dalton School, and after graduation he went on a trip to Africa and caught malaria.  During college, he interned at the CIA.  It was also around this time that his hair started going gray.  He's never publicly spoken about his relationships, but many people assume that he's gay (like a certain other Yalie that spoke at Penn a few years ago, Jodie Foster).

October 4th can't come soon enough!