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UTB Takes On The Super Bowl

go birds

Happy Daddy's Day from Under the Button

The top 3 signs that you is Daddy

UTB Enjoys Their Spring Stay

UTB kicks it back and makes the most of their spring stay!

UTB Masks Up to Go to the Polls

 UTB does its part to support our democracy.  

5 Masturbation Tips While You're Stuck at Home

Need help whacking one out? UTB's got you covered!

Student Goes on Vacation to the Wii Sports Resort

This student is spending his quarantine at the Wii Sports Resort.

Speed Run: Getting Blocked by Irresponsible at Penn

At a blistering 36.74 seconds, UTB has just broken the world record for getting blocked by Irresponsible at Penn. 

ASPCP Promo Video (Please Donate Today)

An advertisement for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pledges ... please donate today. 

UTB Presents: Cash Elevator

In this offbeat game show, players entering the Cash Elevator have to answer trivia questions before they reach their destination in order to win. If they answer wrong, they better start climbing the stairs. 

Wharton Woman Makes Very Important Business Call

"Michael? Michael? What's the portfolio looking like?"

Student Runs Kissing Booth to Cure His Coronavirus

A young fundraising entrepreneur has taken to Locust Walk in order to raise money to cure his coronavirus.

Sorority Rush Man on the Street

 Joseph Elston talks to the future leaders of Penn's Panhellenic societies.

West & Down Man on the Street

Joseph Elston goes to West & Down as the Man on the Street. 

MKTG 101 Students Buckle Down for a Group Project

I'll just make a Google doc.