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How BlackBerries will lead to the extinction of mankind

Let me start out by saying: I hate BlackBerries. This is, granted, mostly because I wield a Samsung camera phone and wish I could BBM during class--but regardless, my lack of Berry has left me sad and bitter.

In any event, even if I hadn't already been convinced that these things are addictive toys that slowly take over lives (in effect, Tamagotchi on steroids), and even if I hadn't noticed that separating a Penn student from her BlackBerry is more difficult than splitting the atom, I'd certainly have taken notice after reading this article.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, a new study has discovered that 35 percent of CrackBerry users--specifically, traveling executives--would pick their phone over their spouse.

No worries, Whartonites. Once you get the details of the divorce ironed out over BBM, there's always Vegas.