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Debate Club: 18 to Quayle, 21 to Dukakis

The first presidential debate was last night.  And rather than live-blogging it like every other blog on earth, we'd like to talk about where you were when you were watching it.  Samantha Jones once said, "I don’t believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties," and that's a philosophy we take to heart. (Except not really, 'cause we're obviously Democrats like 80% of the students at Penn, haha.)

So, where did you watch the debates?  Below, a spectrum from coolest to most loserly:

Messianic: From Obama's campaign headquarters.

Super Chill: At Smoke's.

Endearingly Nerdy: With members of Penn Dems/College Republicans/Penn Parli.

Respectable: On your couch/in a common room with your friends.

Kind of Weird: In the nearly-empty cardio room on the second floor of Pottruck, while sitting on a stationery bike you weren't even peddling. (This may or may not be where we were. Is this whole blog just an excuse to brag every time we go to the gym? Maybe!)

Pathetic: In your room, alone, while flipping to America's Funniest Home Videos during commercials.

*By the way, the title of this post doesn't make a whole lot of sense; it was intended to be a parody of those banners for frat parties that say stupid things like "18 to vandalize, 21 to scandalize," as if any party would turn away nubile not-yet-18 pre-frosh.