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Let's Talk About Sex

As mentioned earlier, tonight in Meyerson B1 from 7 to 9 p.m., sex educators (now there's a business card) Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller will be presenting something called the "Female Orgasm Program." According to an e-mail from the Penn Women's Center, this is a course featuring "'sexy' material in a tasteful, appropriate manner," so you know what that means--donkey show!

But seriously, folks, the couple go around the country teaching students about all things sex. They cover the good stuff (orgasms, both the "befriending your body" kind and the interactive kind) and the more serious stuff, like body image, saying no, and female anatomy, which, depending on your TV proclivity, is either called the va-jay-jay or the bajingo. They're so good they'll have you screaming for more. But don't fake it, cause, unlike Harry Burns, they'll know: