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Listserv Use and Abuse

Everyone knows the best way to spread an unsubstantiated rumor is through shameless listserv blitzing.  At 34th Street, we're all for rumormongering--when some gossip hits your inbox, by all means, hit forward.  But right now we would like to call to your attention some flagrant examples of listserv abuse.

We hate to say it, because they are very kind people and they do a lot of great stuff on campus, but we think the Kelly Writers House Hub e-mail list might be the single greatest affront to inboxes at Penn.  As we speak, the hub is taking on summer reading.  There are probably about 900 people on the hub list, and each and every one one of them has had to read the summer reading recommendations of the dozen or so hub members who chose to respond to the e-mail individually.  We want to stay on the listserv, because sometimes they send out notices we are genuinely interested in, but goshdarnit, haven't they heard of a forum or something?  Must all of us be subjected to some sophomore's declaration of love for Ayn Rand?

So in conclusion, listservs are for spreading gossip and lies, not for having some sort of pleasant discussion.  Post your nominations for Worst Listserv at Penn in the comments.