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Meet Carlin, your friendly libertine-about-campus

Please say hello to UTB contributor Carlin Adelson, who writes in to muse on crushes, the end of summer and the ongoing battle between her id and her libido.

I have acquired over the past two weeks in class my first crush of the semester. Unlike the out-at-Smoke's crush, girls and boys alike have the opportunity to actually hear the person of interest in a (sometimes questionably) lucid state as they intellectually discuss subject matters during recitation, work on group presentations, and awkwardly bump knees in lecture while dropping a pen even though he or she is a part of the 90% who use a Macbook.

Crushes are fun at the beginning of the year--particularly senior year, as in my case--since everything still seems new and fresh. It’s still warm out, so girls can wear their jorts sans Uggs, guys can run topless without nipple-i-tus, and both sexes are appreciative of the other, tan lines and all. Additionally, it’s comforting to see some new faces since your circle hasn’t grown in the last three years. Most importantly, these novel crushes are fun since it’s an easy, generally safe distraction.

Earlier this afternoon, during a catch-up conversation, I brought up my new crush with an unnamed hopeless romantic*, who asked me an alarming question: why can’t you just start off as friends? She went on to illustrate the perfect situation where one day, while having coffee together, we would look into each others’ eyes and just know. I had to remind her at this point that I, like many at this fine institution, am governed by two things: id and libido. Hopefully one day my next morning-after situation will look me in my eyes and just know that I too, have a last name and know how to read.

*Said unnamed romantic = my mother