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Obama dispatches Drew Barrymore and Zach Braff to Penn

Update, 10:30 9/28: Alas, we just heard that Zach and Drew canceled! Was it a hoax? Did they get a better offer from a school in a real swing state? WHY, DREW, WHY!?

Ok, WHAT? We just got an e-mail that Zach Braff and Drew Barrymore will be at Penn Monday to stump for Obama.  Last year we had Kal Penn, a few weeks ago it was Kate Walsh, and now these two?  The DP is starting to look like Us Weekly!

The two, who were kind of rumored to be dating at one point but have more recently moved on to Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick (her) and, um, every female in Hollywood that isn't macking John Mayer (him), are set to appear in Houston Hall at noon on Monday.  We're not really sure how effective all these movie star visits are, considering that most of us are already planning to vote for Obama, but can we just say, Drew Barrymore is our favorite actress ever, and aside from being a bit of a player, we also like Zach Braff very much.  Go dems!

No word on when/if Chuck Norris will descend on campus to campaign for McCain.  We'll keep you posted.