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OMFG! Carlin returns

Remember our sassy columnist Carlin?  She's back to narrate a night at Smoke's...through Gossip Girl's eyes.

Last week I wrote about the in-class crush. For the sake of contrast I wanted to chronicle for you, my dear readers (i.e., my housemates and lineage), a recent night at Smoke's so you can see that we Penn students are not unlike those we love to watch. As I am not an anonymous writer, all names have been changed. Consider me your Serena Van der Woodsen du jour. Until Monday night, that is. Boker tov, my little rodents!

Spotted: J, thirsty as usual and reminiscing at Smoke's, eyeing former fling Carlin. Could it be a rekindling of flames? Or has C left him in the dust of his alum ashes?

It seems the two are okay as they say hello. Doesn’t J have a girlfriend? Didn’t C move on a week later? C sees her friends have arrived, drinks in hand, swaying to Rihanna. Better offer, C? I think so.

Also spotted: C catches J staring, and signaling suggestively towards her. Seems like D has stepped in, arm around poor C. Could this relationship be for real? Or do we have another N and S in the Hamptons on our hands?

Lastly, we see J, waiting for Carlin by the door. Would he dare to walk her home? Not if Little E does the job first. Saved by the bell, C. Who knows? Next time you may not be so lucky.

You know you love me. XOXO, Whisper Woman (an older--but not wiser--version of Gossip Girl)