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Penn Trustee lands magazine cover story

Your parents write them tuition checks every semester, but other than that, what do you really know about "the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania," if that is in fact their real name?  Well, one of them is on the cover of fancy-schmancy business magazine Conde Nast Portfolio this month, so we decided to read the story and see if it might teach us anything about the scary group of men (and a few women, yay!) who boss around Amy Gutmann.

We learned that Robert Toll, Penn Law '66 and chairman of Toll Brothers, is one of the main people to blame for the McMansion fever of the last few decades.  But even rich people like him have problems--for example, this whole subprime something-or-other crisis has not smiled upon housing developers.  No wonder Penn's endowment is in the tank, with people like that overseeing it!  (Just kidding, we know the economy sucks for everyone right now.)  The profile seemed overall really positive, a bit of a handjob if you ask us, but we did take away from it that one day we too might be really rich development overlords.  The more you know!