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Raindrops keep fallin' on Penn's head

It's overcast, and it's probably going to rain all weekend, and Penn sucks when it's raining.  Locust Walk has really bad drainage, the wind tunnel eats umbrellas, those stupid rain boots girls wear are hard to walk in.  Life sucks!  Or does it?

There may or may not be a presidential debate to watch tonight. They only around once every four years, and there are only three, making them even rarer than Michael Phelps's Olympic swims.  Suit up in your Penn for McCain/Penn for Obama gear and tune in.

Nights in Rodanthe comes out today, but it's not playing anywhere near here, so go see Eagle Eye or some other crappy-but-probably-reasonably-entertaining movie at the Bridge. Sidenote: why is High School Musical 3 listed on that page when it doesn't come out until October 24th?  Ugh.

And finally, our favorite thing to do when it rains is try to think of as many songs as possible involving rain, and walk down the street singing them like a crazy person.  Herewith, some suggestions to get you started: "Have you ever seen the rain?" (CCR), "It's Raining Men" (The Weather Girls), "Blame it on the Rain" (Milli Vanilli), "I Can't Stand the Rain" (Missy Elliot version).

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