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To Bulkpack or Not to Bulkpack

After spending half an hour (and $56.30!) in Steiny-D's cavernous bottom floor, your trusty blogger can't help but ask that eternal question: What sucks more, actually spending money on bulkpacks or having to print out all that crap yourself?

Some professors think they're doing you a favor when they make all their readings available on Blackboard, but unless you're a cyborg, it's impossible to read PDFs without printing them, and printing a steady stream of 30 page articles means serious troubs for your ink cartridge. What about all the free printing available on campus, you ask? There's even free printing for DP staffers, and hey, this blog is marginally afiliated with the DP!*  Well, most of us are too lazy and disorganized for that.  And yet!  Buying a bulkpack that is flimsy and heavy and expensive is a huge pain, too. What's a socially conscious Penn prof to do?

Just stop giving us reading. We never do it anyway.

*A certain DP staffer who shall remain anonymous no longer prints at the office because she once halted production for an hour late one night by jamming the printers with her seminar reading.  Whoops!