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Can ya tell me how to get, how to get to 34th Street?

Well hello there, vast readership!  UTB's cheeks are blushing scarlet today--we just checked out the new issue of Street (in pdf, bitches) and could barely turn a page without seeing an ad for this very blog!  But there's other good stuff too!  Check it out:

On the cover this week, a professional Ben Franklin doppelganger waxes colonial...

The Ego section reveals how to turn a routine grocery run into "How Stella Got Her Groove Back...in the cereal isle"...

Food & Drink teaches us about yogurt and homonyms with a review of Phileo...

OMG OMG Film talks to Michael Cera!  What a fun, sexy time for us all!

Here's to you, 34th Street.  You make us want to be a better blog.