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Graduation 2009: For Applicants Only

The College Graduation Office (apparently, there is a College Graduation Office) just sent SAS seniors a fear-inducing e-mail mapping out everything that must be done to graduate. Aside from the fact that it's currently October, here is the craziest part:

6.      You can access the Application for Graduation online by clicking on: https://fusion.sas.upenn.edu/colsec/gradapp/

7.      The deadline for submitting this application online is November 10, 2008.

Let's get this straight: not only did we have to decide on the most important moment in history to get into this school, but now we also have to apply to leave it? Give us a break! We don't need this bureaucracy. Please, Mama Gutmann: we only have 7 months before you throw us like timid hatchlings from our Penn nest into the real world.