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Your handy guide to: Internet TV

Surprise! There are things to watch on the internet beyond videos of cute animals and porn. Crazy, I know. Last year’s writers' strike saw a boom in original internet content as writers and actors had some newfound free time on their hands. But the internet is so huge--where does one start? UTB’s got you covered.

Wainy Days follows David Wain of Stella (RIP) playing a fictionalized version of himself on the hunt for love. If it wasn’t lame to call things “zany,” I’d probably describe this show as such. The pace is quick and the tone is surreal – each 5 minute episode packs in more than enough bizarre scenarios for a full half hour network sitcom.

Check out: “The Pickup,” where Paul Rudd guest stars as a Mystery-esque pickup artist.

Wonder what Michael Cera was up to in between Arrested Development and becoming the non-threatening crush of millions post-Superbad? Clark and Michael. Cera stars along with Clark Duke as themselves trying to pitch a television show to TV networks in Hollywood. Held back by cockiness (headshots of themselves cover their apartment’s walls) and fights with each other, the two repeatedly blow opportunities with industry insiders played by great guest stars like Arrested Development’s Tony Hale.

Check Out: Episode 5, in which Cera tries to hit on a single mom in his driving class.

Comedy certainly dominates the internet TV landscape, but that didn’t stop one brave man from using the medium to educate the masses. That pioneer’s name is Coolio and he wants to teach you to cook. Cookin' With Coolio is shot in the washed-up rapper’s own gangster’s paradise (a.k.a. his suburban kitchen and patio) as he drops knowledge on preparing dishes like his famous caprese salad.

Check out: “Gameday Turkey,” in which the self-proclaimed “ghetto witchdoctor superstar chef” injects and fries a bird.